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Unsolicited information: Diet saga

Monday, April 30, 2012

In which I complain that it's almost time to dawn a swimsuit
My body's not ready for spandex
And share the greatest, not just latest life-style health plan I'm on

Since the birth of Charlie, (bet you're glad I didn't say time, huh!)
The scales read much like a yo-yo plays
Up and Down, when what I really want to do is have my yo-yo down and walk the dog then let all the string run out and maintain at floor level.
Dont' get me wrong;
I'm okay with my post-baby body,
My lack of abs, and stretch marks don't bother me
I'm not insecure,
Just attune to the additional un-baby related pounds that have snuck up on me
I'm embarking on the Isagenix journey to good health
Whole body health, not just dieting - which includes taking vitamins and increasing my exercise routine
I've successfully cut sugar out of my diet for 9 days
The past 9 days I've tried to cut non-God made sugar from my diet,
Monday I had a smore with the kids
Wednesday I had a brownie in the name of fellowship
And Friday I had a chocolate bar to benefit March of Dimes...I mean, I couldn't just donate a dollar and not take the dark chocolate almond bar, could I?
Well, 6 out of 9 isn't so bad
Chocolate weakness aside, I'm feeling better and loosing weight
I have more energy, and overall just feel better

For the love of running (16mi this week), kickboxing, health and looking good in spandex,
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From six to twenty-six

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Surrounded by dirty dishes we sat with fingers tangled
E and C had excused themselves
And instead of starting the dishes you stole a kiss
I stole another
Sweet, passionate and unashamed our lips moved together
Swept away by each other,
For only a moment.
Footsteps heard lingering in the doorway, interrupted and
"Gross" was E's diagnosis
Our longing turned to laughter, and playfully with additonal kissing the dishes got done.
There was a time whether at six or twenty six when witnessing a stolen kiss, or blatetntly intentional kisses shared between my mom and dad was gross
But, now I'm just thankful they still kiss

For the love of love that expresses itself in lip-lock, marriages that last, and my kids thinking it's gross for 20 more years or so,

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

My fingers drum the keys, at a familiar pace
But long overdue
The reflections of my mind pieced together as whispers of emotion in fragmented sentences,
Phrases of love, longing and fleeting time
How the scent of lilacs blooms, on runs in neon shoes
Remind me Mawna's cooking, and Grandpa's weathered hands

Of home
And youth,
And soy beans,
And brothers
And time; unrushed, filled with simple moments.
Fragrantly sweet are the memories triggered by the pale purple bloom of spring.
So, I prod the fire that is my busy life and know there are some irons that need removing
For writing, running, the pursuit of simple moments, love, and relishing childhood with my children are irons I refuse to remove.
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