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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I finished Judges.
It's filled with stories that literally made me nauseated.
The evening news doesn't hold a candle to Judges, and I don't really watch the news.
Some may consider that irresponsible, I consider it not filling my head with more filth, that dirties my heart and skews my view of people and taints the mercy I crave to have for others.
Judges -"Everyone did as they saw fit."
They didn't see very well.
I don't always either.

For the love of doing it God's way, even if I don't "see" it
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For Always

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sometimes ornery, sometimes forced your giggle is contagious, or the gut wrenching belly-laugh that echos through the house -beautiful sounds of joy

Tunes cranked, windows rolled down, doing a mean car-jig
Someday this will be very un-cool, but for now it's really fun
And, I'm not going to worry about someday

TAG - You're It, Keep Away, Red Rover, Duck-Duck-Goose, Hide and Seek
Are you ever too old?  Maybe too stiff or out of shape, but never too old

Holding hands, kisses on the cheeks, hugs that linger

Dinner simmering-Booty-shakin', arms flailing, fist pumping, feet jumping, body spinning, breath stealing dancing
It's the kitchen dance, at times conducted in the living room, but never for general public viewing (it's best enjoyed while dinner is simmering)

Sweet words of gratitude, gentle reminders, soft encouragement, I love yous

Time stolen away from the busyness of the world, and routines
Sipping hot chocolate with extra mini-marshmallows (or just eating the marshmallows), Enjoying a cinnamon roll the size of your face, Sipping a latte or frappachino, Watching you, listening to you, soaking up you being you and me being me - US

Huddled together, cozy on the couch, listening, reading, savoring

I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always

For the love of a beautiful season of life and savoring every second,
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

So, September happened...

Jacob ran a marathon, and almost qualified for Boston
He's still hurting
I am calling a doctor tomorrow if he doesn't (he's been warned)
We cheered him and and were so proud!
26.2 miles in 3:17

Because of above marathon we got a mini-vacation to Sioux Falls SD
Beautiful time
Happy memories

I caught the running bug and started training for a half-marathon
Today I ran 8 miles
...and felt great
November 12th is race day
Ethan no longer cries at school
But I still get the BEST hugs when I pick him up
He turned 6!
Fall Fun Fest was fun, nothing like rides, games, fake tattoos, and Chick-Fil-A
So incredibly thankful for E's closest school-friend and his Christian family
"Mom, I kinda like Sunday School better than regular school because at regular school we don't talk about Jesus at all" - insert long talk about how He could and should talk about Jesus at school

Charlie still LOVES Ms. Janet's class, social butterfly that she is!
Ballet started and it's fun watching C practice her "new moves" as she calls them
Dad's and donuts was a success
It's a beautiful thing listening to a proud dad, and an excited in-love-with-her-daddy girl recount their time together at school
Life is good, God is greater.
For the Love of running without limits, birthday's, ballet and finding beauty in the everyday,
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