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Retributive Justice

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Within this post you find the following truths:
1.Summer maintains very little routine for the G-family
2.We allowed our much less than 13 yr olds take in their first PG-13 flick
3.Movie run time 2 hrs 24 min (9:30-11:54 in the PM)
4.Cavity inducing candy was enjoyed by all, 4 hours post bedtime
Now...You have two options; stop reading or continue without judgment of our parenting skills

Clip of the Avengers

Action figures and superhero gear have cluttered our home since E was 2-ish
Tshirts and pj's are dawned in seasons of varying favorites
Images stitched and pressed on tees incite in-store childish begging, and often...parental surrender
There's been Spiderman, Transformers, Iron Man, Hulk, Star Wars and most recently The Avengers
He knows their powers (or assigns them one he's imagined) 
But not their back story, then again - neither do I
So when previews for The Avengers started to infiltrate our home via commercials
The excited nagging and petition for viewing began
We let our friends and family test it out first before we agreed
C wasn't sure she was into the superhero drama
But E sparked her interest with a little Black Widow enticement
"Oh, yeah she's my favorite" was C's proclamation to the new found female-character knowledge
With a pre-dinner nap, and bellies full of chips and salsa we headed to the IMAX theater for the late night showing
Too full for popcorn dripping with buttery goodness,
But not too full for Hot Tamales, Jr. Mints, and Reese's Pieces
Good guys and Bad guys were identified and updates whispered as the plot progressed
The literal handful of "words our family chooses not to say" went undetected
And the reviews were all raving:
"AWESOME" - Ethan
"OFF.....THE.....HOOK!" - Charlie
Gun fingers were waved, invisible shields thrown and the air karate chopped as we exited the building
Even as their heads hit the pillow E and C couldn't stop talking about it
E's favorite scene "when the Hulk grabs Loki mid-insulting sentence and pounds him back and forth into the concrete" and C piggy backed E's love for the Hulk smash

For the love of  Family movie nights, Reese's pieces, Joy found in the happiness and innocence of  children, and Hulk smash,

Favorite quote "Ma'am, there's only one God, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that"
- Captain America
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