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The life...

Monday, January 21, 2013

Sun light glows golden
Making eyes heavy
Wheat stocks bow in barren fields
Coarse and shaded brown
A familiar and comfortable view
Feet propped
In chair abandoned
Reclining at the table
Where there's always enough room
Surrounded by your love
Expressed in
Savory dishes, sweet delicacies
Hugs and honesty
It is not only our stomach you fill
But our lives
Fill them with your

Your example
Your patience
Your quiet goodness

And "this is the life"

In hopes I recline at your table soon, and thankful for the memories of a tradition worth remembering
Happy Birthday Mawna
I love you

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Risk Analysis

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Imagine a place...

Where the purest of light shines
Light that glows with life
Radiating rainbows from prism walls
It fills you with warmth and you feel alive
Each step effortless
Without stiffness, pain or concern for time

The people around you are genuine and familiar
You can't remember their back story
Except it doesn't matter
Because you know them
Know their heart
And you're together

Not a single face is missing
And each face,
Void of worry,
Filled with peace and joy
Shines the warmth of life into your very being

Each body is whole,
There are no birth defects, syndromes, or disabilities
And every face is beautiful mirroring the heart
And its creator
Lacking vanity or comparison

The only things missing
Pain, Injustice, Longing, Worry, Hurt, Betrayal, Despair, Defects, Hate, Sadness, Tears and Death
Things you longed to be erased from this fog of life as we know it
Replaced by
Love - an unexplainable, wholly filling love
Service, Peace, Justice, Assurance, Trust, Purity, Joy, Goodness, Worship, Gentleness, Perfection

A place where someone waits
Someone who loves you
Who made a way to this place for you

If such a place existed
And I knew the way
Would you listen?
Would you walk it?

I know it's a risk, but it's one worth taking.
And I will risk it
Risk it all, not for the reward,
But for the one who loved me first.
For the one who's waiting.

Will you?

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Comfort Zone

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

For 30 years he's been my daddy
And he's pretty good at it
I blame him for my temper
And we've never communicated the best
He loves me a lot
Loves God more
And makes sure we know he loves mom
He's generous
A hard worker
And today he is 52
Celebrating in a new city
Winding through crowded interstates
Hopefully eating something delicious
Living on the edge of his comfort zone
Even at 52

Happy Birthday Dad...Love you very much

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