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A Merry Update

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010
As a family we traveled to Islamorada FL. with my parents and bother’s families.  The kids really enjoyed their first airplane ride, delays and all.  We lathered on the sunscreen and escaped any sunburns for the week.  Unfortunately, for my brother Joshua, jellyfish are not repelled in the least by sunscreen.  Thus following his painful sting, most of the swimming we did was in the pool not the ocean!  It was a fun-filled time full of memories we will not soon forget.

Ethan (5) is still our laid-back, sweet mannered guy, with the occasional testing of our discipline-consistency.  School is high on E’s priority list, he likes to be on time and we’re blessed to have Ms Janet for his teacher.  Ethan loved soccer almost as much as he loved Jacob being his coach – and if you ask us he was the best on his team J One of Ethan’s favorite places is Memaw and Papa’s lake house and he became quite the dare-devil this year – tubing, occasionally swimming without a life-jacket and jumping of cliffs!  He’s a good big brother to Charlie and she’s his cheerleader.

Charlie (3) is our princess, with an overflowing-passion for all things girly and a pretty-big dose of drama.  School for Charlie is social hour and she thrives there.  Ballet was one of the highlights of C’s year and the beautiful costume to enjoy through out the year was an additional bonus.  She ‘s the creative director of play at our house, and can often be heard asking you to call her “princess” or “queen.”  Wardrobe for Charlie is dress or bust, if there are jeans laid out to wear there will probably be tears.  Charlie was excited to get her ears pierced this year, and after gift opening she’ll have lots of options to wear.  She’s a good little sister to Ethan, and he plays along in whatever make-believe she dreams up.

Jacob and I celebrated 6 years of marriage this year.  We were blessed to take a trip to NYC.  We visited all the sites as well as enjoyed food by our favorite Iron Chef – Bobby Flay. 
Jacob transition to Olathe East High School and is enjoying teaching freshman Biology as well as Student Naturalist.  He misses coaching, but is happy to have established and leading an FCA group.
 I continue work in the PICU at KUMed part-time working the night-weekend option, which allows me to be a more rested happy mommy the rest of the time.

We have our ups and downs but love this family and life we’ve been blessed with!

Hoping this letter finds you well, and relishing in the hope and joy we have during this Christmas season.

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Merry Fisticuffs

Thursday, December 23, 2010

It was a merry Christmas eve eve
Filled with Wii boxing
Trash talking
Fun family competition,
No, I did not let my 5 year old beat me - he legitimately just can
Yes, I did let my 3 year old win (KO in the first round)- she's a sore looser

Quote of the night:
"You're no match for your little sweety!"
-Charlie to Jacob
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Because I know how you feel
I felt it once too.
Because life is sometimes hard
It just is.
Because the right way isn’t always clear
Because you are worth more
Because you are beautiful
See it.
Because HE loves you
He does.
Because you have a choice to make
Choose right.
Because the best possible version of yourself
Is You
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Charlie-ism Christmas Edition

Sunday, December 19, 2010

This Christmas season has warranted some fun teaching moments, I love my passionate and direct girl.

Me - Who did God give us as a gift?
Charlie - But mom, he didn't come in a box

While standing in line at the Wal-Mart, daddy's gift in hand a woman asked Charlie
"Who's going to be coming in a few days"
Unprompted, Charlie excitedly replied

While leaving the Wal-Mart following the very proud mommy moment
We passed a bell-ringer.
It's our tradition to always let the kids put some change in the bucket
This bell ringer was dressed up as Santa and as Charlie placed her quarter in the red tub
She inquisitively said
"Are you the real Santa"
The man replied no, that he was one of Santa's helpers
As we walked away Charlie said
"Mom, I knew he wasn't really the real Santa, cause Santa's not real.  Right mom."
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Friday, December 10, 2010

Flexion and extension is almost impossible without wrenching pain shooting through my left elbow
Lame that it hurts
Lame that the only thing I've done this week is Jazzersize, and only once with 7 # weights
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Mom, how does the baby crack out of the mommy's tummy?
Did I just crack it open so I could come out or did you?"

My dear son, my stomach is not an egg. 
You did not hatch.
You are not a chicken.
It may be time for an anatomy lesson.
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