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Childlike Faith

Thursday, June 24, 2010

1 Corinthians 2:5
...that your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.

Jacob "Ethan, who is Jesus?"
Ethan "God."
Jacob "Who is God?"
Ethan "Jesus."
Jacob "Who is the Holy Spirit?"
Ethan "God."

And there it is the trinity in it's most perfectly understood, unquestioned form.
3 in 1, a concept we twist and turn trying to understand.
But without question full of faith my 4(and a 1/2) year-old gets it.
Because HE said, it is.
God is fully himself, fully Jesus and fully lives within us as the Holy Spirit.
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A Little PIece of Heaven

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In paradise with those who know me best
Flaws and all, frustrations and forgiveness
Joy found in building a sand castle, just to watch the waves wash it away
Peace in the beauty of a sunset while cradled by my husbands arms
Knowing the love that's meant in my dad's rough-housing
Prepping asparagus with a brother, cooking fresh fish, making strawberry shortcake
Getting to know a girl I hope to one day call sister
Listening to my little brother sound just like dad
Watching the excitement of my kids, that's found in contentment with what's around them.
Caring for the tough brother after a jelly fish attack
Chasing a nephew, cuddling the other
Chatting and sharing life with the sister I miss so dearly when I'm at home burried in life
Hugging mom and admiring how she works tirelessly, requiring no recognition
Taking mental (and digital) snapshots of mom and dad being grandparents, loving parents, good friends and in love
Wonder in the beauty of God's creation and the awesomeness of his creativity
Cherishing my husband, and how he notices and cares for me and our children
Listening, really listening to God in my devotion time
Splashing and swimming in the pool, feeding fish and rinsing off sandy feet
Being a daughter
Being a sister
Being a wife
Being a mom
Being an aunt
Being a friend
Being a child of God
Surrounded by children of God
There's not much on earth that's better than this.
Peace-Waves-Sunshine and Joy
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6 years 12 days

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Is how long we've been married.
Starting year number 7, and I don't feel the least bit itchy

I think I can count the number of fights we've had on one hand (and one was just last week).
We make beautiful babies and we've been blessed with a boy and a girl, they're not really babies anymore.

Our sixth year has been special because
We worked together to get out of debt (the Dave Ramsey Way), and we're almost there
We've hit a flow in managing our house and I can't imagine how I'd keep up without you
You make us, all four of us, breakfast on Saturdays
You've helped me get back in shape

On our anniversary date
We laughed, a lot, like when we were dating

You still,
Open my car door, when our hands aren't full of kids
Are a mix-master, and keep my ears buzzing with the perfect arrangement of songs
Look at me in "that" way, and I know you think I'm beautiful, I feel loved
Are funny
Balance me

Nicknames that we frequently throw around include

I'm sure there are a great many other things I could put down,
But that's what the edit post function is for.
I love you Jacob!
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