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Merry Christmas 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Only ten days remain until the presents can be unwrapped, and we sing Happy Birthday Jesus.  So with Christmas music playing not so quietly in the background I type as the kids dance and play.  

Ethan (6) – Still sweet and reserved, with just a touch of “too-cool” attitude he brings us pride, and tests our consistency.  Water skiing was conquered, and many fish caught thanks to a summer spent at Memaw and Papa’s lake house.  Ethan is $7 dollars richer compliment of the tooth fairy, and he can truly sing “all I want for Christmas is my two-front-teeth!”  August brought us Kindergarten and tears, but by September Ethan had learned his new routine and has come to love his class and teacher.  I’m adjusting too!  Running is his newest passion, just like daddy, and he completed his first race on Thanksgiving Day.  While “how to treat a girl” is a learning process, Ethan’s a good big brother

Charlie (4) – Filled with passion and love for life this girl makes brings us joy, and tests us daily with her strong will.  January will bring us Charlie’s fifth birthday, and she still wants to be a princess when she grows up (and that’s okay for now!).  While too afraid to attempt water skiing this summer, many boat rides were thoroughly enjoyed and enhanced by Charlie’s enthusiasm.  August brought Charlie Preschool, and while there were no tears at drop off there was a long-face at pick up- alas her wish to stay longer will not be fulfilled this year.  She is our social butterfly and truly enjoys the 3-days she spends at Preschool.  Ballet gave Charlie an unneeded excuse to dance and dress up this fall – and it was wonderful watching her enjoy herself.  She’s a sweet yet tormenting little sister who loves her brother.  

Jacob – Continues teaching Biology at the High School, he loves his job.  He especially treasures the opportunity he gets to encourage his students through FCA and coaching.  In the dark of early morning Jacob consistently heads out to run.  All his training paid off in September as he completed the Sioux Falls marathon (that’s 26.2 miles) in 3:17.  The kids and I enjoyed the mini-vacation to cheer him on – and were so proud when he crossed the finish line.  He’s a good coach to Ethan and a sweet cheerleader to Charlie.  We’re enjoying year number 7 of marriage and I’m thankful everyday he’s mine.
Jamie – Continues to juggle the roles of mom, nurse and auditor – but as always the coveted favorite and priority is the role of mom.  Volunteering at House of Hope has been a blessing and I will, as I did last year coordinate a 5K fundraiser for the organization-so mark your calendars for June 16th.  I too caught the running bug and although my time’s nothing to brag about I completed a half-marathon through Shawnee Mission Park in November.

We’re blessed with each other, simplicity, and grace.   It’s been a good year!  Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with the same.  

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