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Wants, Risks and What Ifs

Monday, July 11, 2011

I've been spurred to re-consider the objectives of this life I've become so complacent in living
America is easy, and comfortable, and filled with "good" people
It's goals are superficial
It's lifestyle is selfish
It's instant gratification and
Self glorifying

What am I really living for?

I want to be real.
I want to be consistent.
I want to live as a forgiven person not a good person
When someone asks me "how are you"
Can I, will I reply with something more transparent than "fine"?
I want to want God more than anything else
I want to make a difference and have everyone recognize God for it
NOT me (and be more than satisfied in that)
I want to be different at the risk of being weird, and in a way that makes people question why
And I want to have an answer for those who question the reason for my hope
For our children;
I want our kids to care about things that matter.
NOT stuff
I want to fill our time with serving and conversation
NOT with the busyness of activities that divide us
I want to protect our time together
I want to relish in and preserve the joys of childhood
- crayons, bubbles, water gun fights, mud pies, imaginary friends and reading time
I want to celebrate and bless my children for being exactly who God made them to be
I want to encourage them in everything to work as if working for the Lord NOT for men
I want them to want God more than anything
I want them to be different, and when people notice it's make them want to be different too

The risk is being weird;
What if we decide to live radically, maybe even uncomfortably?
What if we make eternal goals?
What if we serve others instead of ourselves?
What if our whole life is built around God and His will instead of adding in a little God to our own?
What if we're patient and persevere?
What if we seek to give God the glory?
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Mountain Tops and Valleys

Sunday, July 3, 2011

While pouring out my emotional mess
A wise friend asked me this question:
What grows on the mountain top?
Nothing I said
And tell me what grows in the valley?
Well...everything I replied

So while the mess of me has me wallowing in the valley of life
I will tell myself the truth
Whether it feels true or not
I will surround myself others who speak the truth into me
And I'll fill in the cracks with the Word

For the love of growth and finding my way back up the mountain,
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