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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You're the princess
The damsel in distress
Chiffon, crowns, lip-gloss
Flowers, castles, white horses
And somewhere out there is your prince charming
He's strong and valiant
His arms rescue you, hold you tight and keep you safe
It's a fairytale, complete with a happily ever after ending

Too young to be deluded by Hollywood's view of "love"
Too young to buy into the drama of star-crossed romance
Too young to believe the lyrics
Too young to grasp the stories of distress and devotion
And pretend

What is it within us that longs for our Prince Charming, our Romeo
Is there a hole in our hearts that any one-man can fit
Or is it something more
An eternal hole designed to be filled by our true prince charming
Who will one day...
Ride in on his white horse, take us in his arms, hold us tight
And give us our happily ever after
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Charlie Grace

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My beautiful daughter

Your birthday letter is overdue
3-years has passed since you were given to us and
I remember life with you in stages :

First : A beautiful baby girl with loads of dark black hair that stood straight up
You stole my heart and had your daddy wrapped around your finger at first sight
But you had an unhappy at times inconsolable disposition
You didn't like to cuddle, how I wished you did
And it wasn't until 7 months you slept through the night

Second : At 9 1/2 months you started walking and I realized much of your unhappiness was simply a lack of independence
You spoke early, but when the right words couldn't be found your most readily used form of communication was crying, how I hate it when you cry

Third : An independent motivated toddler, striving to keep up with your big-brother
Running, talking, playing, making friends
Oh and TV - you love to watch TV, it is possibly the only time you're still

Now : A still beautiful, preschooler with long brown hair and light blue eyes that sparkle
You love to pretend; princess, babies, mommy, and cooking with the occasional monster or "bad-guy" all with your brother who's your best friend
You ask why or what's that mean mommy -- a lot!
You transition to new situations, classrooms with ease and while it's hard for me to let you go sometimes it's nice to know you're comfortable and secure
You love your sleep, and you miss binki
You love to cuddle now - and this make me so very happy
You give the best hugs and I love coming home to your sweet voice calling "Maaaawmmeeee"

I want to remember:
When you want to be picked up you ask "Mommy can I hold you"

Everything is "SO..."
"Mommy, I love you so much!" or "I'm so tired" or "I'm not so tired"

How you love to sing and dance

You got teary eyed watching Brooke at her dance recital, because you wanted to dance too. You will start ballett in February :)

How you hug me

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50 Years

Friday, January 8, 2010

I stand witness to a love that has lasted 50 years
A love rooted in something greater than emotion
A love which has endured..
Endured War and Separation
Held strong through Miscarriages
Transitioned when Locations and jobs changed
Joyed in Children
Grieved in the Death of a newborn
Suffered as Children choose their own way
Rejoiced as Children came home
Exulted in Grandchildren
Held strong in the Loss of parents and siblings
Delighted in Great-Grandchildren
An enduring love that
Grew together
Grew through tribulation
Grew through joy
Grew old
And will last Forever.

I stand witness...and I am blessed!
Love you, Mawna and Grandpa
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So I made cupcakes....

Your heart stopped
I cried
Your daddy held me and he cried too
They had to take you out of me
I hated it
My heart ached
But my attention was needed elsewhere
And it helped
It was your sisters 2nd birthday
A party to host and a life to celebrate
It was a good distraction
So I scrubbed toilets
And washed the floors
I dusted tables
And I made cupcakes

One year ago I lost you
And just like last year there are cupcakes to be made
And a life to celebrate
And while I'm sad I mourn your life instead of celebrate it
I'm not as sad as I was before
I know your whole
I know I'll see you someday
And we'll celebrate then

So today...I'll make cupcakes
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