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Let's Pretend

Thursday, July 25, 2013

All my imagination was focused on being a grown up
The details didn't matter
Pillows and blankets, dirty feet, a blank slate of wood high up in a tree
Growing up
Seemed glamorous

But tonight surrounded by decisions that will shape E & C, budget constraints, amidst a scattered mess of needs-to-be-filed papers, princess dresses and throw pillows
Being grown up isn't glamorous
It's messy, and overwhelming

Pretending I'm back in the tree house, with my best friend and make-believe family won't take away my responsibilities or show me the future of my children.
Messy or not - trying or easy
I'm grown up
The thing I longed to be all my life

And just like HE was there when I imagined away my childhood
HE is here to walk me through being a grown up
HE knows the outcome
Little does HE care about the mess as long as my character is true
And if feeling overwhelmed, it's because I haven't relinquished my cares to HIM

So I don't have to pretend I have it all together
I'm just a girl, a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend
Who doesn't have it all figured out
But I've got a GOD who does
And I can grown in that...

For the love of messes that don't change your character, being responsible, trusting God, and not having it all figured out,

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