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Tied for last

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This just in....I suck at put-put.

I successfully putted into one of the many water hazards, and by water hazard I mean a small pool of running water just off the mini-fairway.  But don't worry I saved my dimpled red ball from the rapids and finished the remaining holes.
There may have been a few mulligans.
Pretty sure, I balanced any successful par holes by taking the 5-stroke maximum on the rest.
The non-competitive, laid-back spouses tied for first with E (5-year old put-put enthusiast).  C was more interested in the rocks and dandelions growing off course - but managed to finishing 9 of our 18 hole game.
Leaving me and my golfing brother tied for last.

What a fun day
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Up in smoke

Friday, April 8, 2011

A bed of green grass and a sand box the size of a volley-ball court
Swings, slides, bicycles, and scooters
The unwinding from a day full of the daily-grind
The chatter of children, and reminders of parents to eat
Easy conversation, laughter and food
The thick smell of wood smoke clung to the strands of my hair and clothes
My finger nails stained with chalky black residue
A day up in smoke spent tending a rusty black smoker
All worth it to share with friends

For the love of Smokin' Gunn BBQ and our life-group
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Dungeons, Kings and Spring-time

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The chill of winter lingered in the breeze and startled with each encompassing swirl
Strands of light-brown sopped up the rays and deposited the heat against the nape of my neck
Pale shoe-less feet sunk into the coarse, cool sandy mix
And the show commenced :
The relentless evil king raced after the fleeing princess
Upon capture sandy-shackles and stocks held the princess captive enclosed in the dungeon of spring
As always; good triumphed over evil with the timely escape of the princess and the evil king soon found himself knee deep in the same sandy-stocks, with un-moving hands shackled.

For the love of Spring time in the park, make-believe and family,
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