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The Creative Me...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The one that transcribes emotion and recaps the days in words,
Sometimes with wit and flare
Has been out to lunch
On a coffee break
And is still taking five.
The words just aren't coming - ever feel like that?
But not in a blankety-blank way
Just blank.

So here's to the creative me...
That made a diaper cake and created a red-tape themed baby-shower
That tore off paneling and has the dirty snot to prove it
That's commissioning art work from a talented and beautiful friend to coordinate with my new orange wall and Urban outfitters curtains
That's also trying to be budget conscious while falling in love with a Crate & Barrel multi-colored shag rug and contemplating how fabulous it could be to replace the dilapidated microfiber sued green couches with a new sleek and modern chocolate brown sofa/love seat set that I happened to stumble on while browsing NFM.

Peace, Love and Budget creativity!
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Break out the Crystal

Friday, July 9, 2010

We did...

And then we crowded around our dinner table
We rejoiced in friendships, and God while wiping the BBQ sauce from our chins
As the 'Smokin'-Gunn' rib bones piled up we shared proposal stories
And heart wrenching prayer request, along side uplifting praises and baby news
We licked our fingers clean, and "did" the dishes via a Glad trash bag

So break out the Styrofoam "china"
Buy a box of "crystal"
Take time to love and enjoy the ones you love
The ones you've been blessed with
Hug them and Kiss them, well some of them!
Don't take a second for granted
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I don't know how I'd manage without you
I'd be a mess if you were gone
I would want you to remarry, and be happy again
Please, tell the kids about who I was and how they remind you of me

Tears welled up in the corners of your eyes
My hand caressed your cheek
And you pulled me close
Silence encompassed us, but it was peaceful and right
And so we laid there
In love
Praying God's hedge of protection would be ever present
High enough to keep out the hypothetical
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

In anticipation of the Eclipse movie release:
Insert eye roll from mom (it's okay, you can skip this post)
Friday-Saturday I re-read the book (that's 629 pages in two-days...for the 3rd time)
Jacob said my request for the last book Breaking Dawn was like me asking his permission not to talk to him for two-days, but he gladly shelled out the 12$ after teasing me about being a 14 year old :) --he's so good at making me happy!
Tuesday I got together with my oldest friend (who shares my silly enthusiasm) and we watched both Twilight and New Moon on her Flat Screen.
And after a week of anticipation, last night, we filed into the Fork & Screen theatre (specifically picked to avoid the teenage girl outbursts, as well as the appearance that we may like it as much as the teenagers-which of course, we do). We settled in our plush chairs surrounded by other middle-aged women (am I middle-aged?)and watched on the edge of our seats as the book we love came to life.
The food was good.
Our waitress was team Jacob, but we didn't hold it against her.
There were a few laughable outburst (none of which came from our row)!
But we did laugh.
The time flew by, I think we could have sat through another hour...
My uncritical review; LOVED IT!
I told my friends goodnight and drove home to my "Edward"
Who is ironically named Jacob!
For the love of a Vampire romance -- me (and yes I'm 28, not 14)
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