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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I was proud to be your mom

You played ninjas
You made ninja masks from pipe cleaners
(I tied the rubber bands to hold them on your faces)
You rested peacefully
We read books
You did workbooks
You said "thank you mom" for lunch
You made me laugh
You made me smile
You filled me with joy, just by being you
And I love you - forever
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If you think you might die, it might change your life
You will die (deep down you know you're not invincible)
Maybe not today, but what if it was today?
What would you do - or do different...

Say I love you
Take time to walk with your kids at a kids pace
Tell your friends you care about them
Hold on a little tighter with each hug
Breathe deeper
Say the words that have real meaning
Find joy
Tell God what you want and how thankful you are
Tell others why you're not afraid to die
Keep things in perspective

Two weeks ago I thought I was going to die- and from now on every thing's just a bonus

For the love of today, and the Maker who blesses me with the one's to come (or not)
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A pointed weekend edition

Saturday, September 3, 2011

  • Hoping J can break in his new shoes before marathon day
  • All smiles this week at Kindergarten
  • I've created a NO eating over night while at work rule for myself
  • Running total this week = 6 miles, for me, of course that's an easy one-day work out for J
  • C was the first one to complete her morning work and so proud of herself
  • While most people will enjoy a reprieve from labor on Monday, I will be laboring
  • Wish we were at the lake instead...sometimes weekend-nights stink
  • Counting my blessings
  • Which include the biggest ones like forgiveness and family all the way down to coffee to keep me awake on these long nights
For the love of bullet pointed memories, tear free drop-offs and running,
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