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A Mom's Promises on Mother's Day

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Today a mamma woke up without her baby girl
She was wearing smiley face socks and driving too fast
Now she’s gone

The world doesn’t make sense a lot of the time
My darling children, I would make sense of it all for you if I could
If only I could

This year we’ve lived together, at times, hasn’t made much sense
Here’s what I know
I love being you mom
Good times, Hard times, Sad times, and Everything in-between times

Growth happens when we push through hard times
Growing doesn’t always feel good
God is good even when life isn’t

Problems don’t get better when ignored
Facing problems requires humility
Humble people make the best humans

Secrets are dangerous
Unless the secret is a present, presents are the opposite of dangerous
However if the present is a crocodile that IS dangerous, don’t give a crocodile as a gift
Give thoughtful presents over costly ones - always
Words, Time, Presence

The ability to love isn’t based on the actions of another, but on your willingness to give and forgive even when love isn’t deserved
That’s how God loves us
With a bigger love than we deserve even when we don’t love Him back
I hope you always choose to love Him

Seatbelts save lives,
Wear your seat belt, Wear socks that make you happy (even if they don’t match)
Follow the speed limit signs

Sometimes we get lost
We get lost inside ourselves, lost in circumstance, lost in lies
Let truth guide you and pull you out of yourself, your circumstance and confusion
Being lost will give way to being found

Worry is normal
You may worry about grades, about what to wear, about what others think, about tomorrow, about a great many things that are out of your control
Don’t let worry drive you
God’s knows and He’s got it all under control
Find perspective, pray, be thankful and choose peace

A kind word and a smile goes a long way
Smile often, make eye contact, be honest and speak kindly
Listen more than you speak

Doubt happens
We doubt ourselves, and our God
Don’t let your doubt determine who you are or who you believe God to be
Ask questions but don’t wallow in the place of questioning, God never changes

Different is God’s design for the world
You are the only you, created with talents, and skills unlike any other
These are for you to use, not to squander in selfishness or bury in fear
Use them for the glory of the One who made you, for the relief and refreshment of a world in need, and for the betterment of others
Be the different you were created to be

Life happens in seasons
Seasons of doubt, of joy, of heartache, of trial, of loss, of security, of ease, of regret, of forgiveness and of renewal
Embrace them all, for they will all shape you into you

You are stronger than you think
Be resilient, be affected but don’t allow the weight of trial to break you
And when you’re not strong enough let God be your strength
He will

So on this mother’s day
I promise to never stop growing
And to trust God’s goodness when life isn’t good.
I promise to name and face problems
And grow in humility.
I promise to give you words, time, and presence
But, never a crocodile.
I promise to love you no matter what
And to love God too.
I promise to buy you whatever socks make you happy, always wear my seatbelt,
And to drive the speed limit.
I promise to look for you, to love you (lost or found)
And to always tell you the truth.
I promise to worry as little as humanly possible about you
And to trust that God is in control.
I promise to smile, to look into your eyes, to speak words of kindness
And to listen more than I lecture.
I promise to share my doubt
But not let it determine who I know God to be.
I promise to embrace my different for God’s glory
And to encourage you to do the same.
I promise to hold every season with a sense of awe
And to let you grow into who you’re meant to be.
I promise to be strong: strong for you, for me, for the unknown
And rely on God’s strength.

So, though I can not change the world to make it make sense for you
May I always point you to the One who will get you through.
You are amazing, you are strong, you are beautiful and I am so grateful to get to be your Mom.

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This little light of mine

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Though their resting place is far
The stars pierce into the empty black
Guiding the moon into its place and the sun to rest
He dusted the stars into the void with only a breath
And though he could have emptied the world of all darkness
He chose instead to tolerate the shadow cast, and allowed it to remain
Maybe it's because without the dark we could not understand the light
Maybe it's to show us we always have the freedom to choose - for what is now darkness was once light, the most beautiful and bright, yet to be the most was not enough

That's what darkness does - it sucks the light out, it casts shadows over what is good and makes the most not enough
It lies and undermines the creator
It tricks and twists and steals the joy of enough away

Though the darkness remains, it will not always
But the light will always, was always and is always
It never fades or changes:
When we struggle to see, it's there
When we can't feel it's warm it is from within that it warms

So dance the sun down and thrive in the light of the stars
Watch the light remain, be restored in its glow
See clearly that the creator made you with the same star breath, Hear how deeply He loves you and Feel the warmth of His light
He calls you good and your enough is exactly what He meant for it to be
Shine for all to see because in you is His light and the darkness can not stand against the eternity within you

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