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I'm quitting the routine of Church

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Sunday looks a lot like yours.
The outfit is never quite right then I get toothpaste on my shirt (just me?)
The kids are arguing about cereal or legos or the pretend game they've just changed the rules to
No one can find the match to the missing shoe
We should have left five minutes ago but he doesn't have a coat and she can't find her Bible
Rushed and tired, a balance of coffee and Jesus keep me going
But Sunday is not restful and this busy often steals the holy from the Sabbath He intended for me

"Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on this day His creation was complete and He rested.  So remember the Sabbath day by setting it apart and keeping it holy."
--Genesis 2:3 & Exodus 20:8--

God didn't need to rest
But He knew I would
So He took a day and made it different than the rest
Set apart
A time for me, for us
Not to be selfish, but to slow down
To worship, to Relish and to Relinquish

A time for being known
Because no one want to be anonymous [all the time]
Called by name, Comforted and Challenged

It's a time to know
Know the God of the universe,
His creativity, His heart, His peculiar, and His love

A time to be overwhelmed by the love of a Savior
Because we are the debtor, the lost, the guilty, the captive
And He came anyway
To pay the debt, save the lost, erase guilt, and rescue

A time for family
Because that's what we become at the foot of the cross
Brothers and Sisters in baptism through the blood of Jesus
Devoted to, Accepting, and Accountable

It's a time for fellowship
Relationship that breaks the boundaries of okay
Food that feeds the heart and the soul

A time to commune,
Surrounded by the presence of God
Because He is even when He is beyond our understanding
Together, Trusting, and  Hoping

A time to serve
Because here your gifts are an expression of His heart and His Spirit
Your time, your talent, offer it worship
It's right to give here, Welcomed, and Needed

It's a time to see and be seen
As we are
Broken, falling short, trying hard, but never good enough
Covered in love and poured out grace
Holy set apart for a purpose

Church shouldn't be a part of our regular routine
It should be that which shakes our norms and rips apart the ordinary
It's the day we wake up early for
The time we anticipate
The service we savor
The fellowship we linger in
And the love we take with us

So I'm quitting my routine of church
And trading it for what He intended - a day that's more than coffee and Jesus, a day that's wholly different from the rest, and truly holy.

For the love of relinquishing, resting and looking forward to Sunday,

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Katie Reid said...

HI Jamie! Slowly and surely God is helping me do Sabbath better- it truly is a gift, so thankful- He knows what He is doing.:)

Anne Dahlhauser said...

Hi Jamie, thank you for sharing this. I totally relate to your heart here. Growing up, I often felt that Sundays were all about showing up and looking right. And, it's not easy to come out from under that mentality. I'm praying with you for a new routine, a rest like no other in Jesus during our Sabbaths. Thankful to be your neighbor at W2W this week. :)
Anne @

Jamie Gunn said...

Katie! I would LOVE to glean from practical steps you've taken to have a more restful Sanbath I know your a busy Sunday girl too

Jamie Gunn said...

Thanks Anne! I sure do need a rest and I know God is faithful. Blessings!

Jennifer said...

Yes! Sabbath has come to mean so much more to my husband and I as are kids are getting older and we are puled in more directions. Thank you for sharing these reflections for me to ponder.

Becky @ My Ink Dance said...

I love your reminders here about God's heart for us. "God didn't need to rest But He knew I would" is exactly what shows how very much he loves us. And yes, I can relate to those mornings getting ready for church. Visiting today from Coffee for your heart!

Kim said...

Jamie, great to see you on the #w2w linkup. Great post on quitting the "church routine". Have a great day! Kim Stewart

Tiffany said...

Really wise words, Jamie. I've been actively praying for God to change my view of church lately. To help me be sure that my attitude as I approach it is right and good - that my heart and motives are pure. So your post really spoke to me. Blessed by the words and happy to be stopping by from #womentowomenwednesday

Anonymous said...

So beautifully written with such feeling. I read every word and felt what God has been trying to show me. Thank you.
Caring through Christ,~ linda

Anonymous said...

Amen! Church should never become a routine yet we let that happen.

Meredith Bernard said...

Yes Jamie! A day wholly different and truly holy. I struggle with all of the same real issues and this is a beautiful testament to what Sunday should be. I especially love this, "Church shouldn't be a part of our regular routine, It should be that which shakes our norms and rips apart the ordinary". So much yes. I love the way you string your words like pearls. You bring me back to the cross always and I'm grateful for you. <3

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