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Who I am anyway?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The world says we are the roles we play
An athlete
Type A or type B
A husband
A wife
A musician
A dancer
A mom
A dad
A job title
And so this role we choose to play, the world tells us, is our identity.  

But what happens to the injured athlete unable to perform
The type A who can't sustain order or the type B who needs to have it all together
The marriage that falls apart
The musician who goes unrecognized
The dancer who doesn't get the part
The mom or dad who looses a child
The faithful employee who looses her job
The busy bee who is overwhelmed

So, the world tells uswe are the sum of what we lack. 
And, we get a new identity, failure, disappointment, and not good enough

Our culture says 
We are what we look like, dress like, and who we hang out with 
So we compare ourselves to others and become wholly discontent
Culture says we're the names people call us, 
So we let those words infiltrate our being and choose to stay in the box that others created for us

The world says you are how you feel
You feel sad, find a way to release it, you don’t want to live anymore then don’t
Your gender is relative, You feel like a boy, be one, You feel like a girl, okay - good for you
You feel angry, confused, insecure, hopeless, unloved - Act out and on your feelings
The world says your feelings are truth


And, when we choose to let the world determine our identity
We become enslaved to a set of expectations God never intended for us
And we are hostages to the lies

Identity is defined as who someone is; the qualities, beliefs, etc. that make a person different from others.
It's our creator who makes us different

You are His unique creation,
He calls you a masterpiece, beautiful, worthy
You are His son, His daughter
He calls you His own, His heir, His warrior, His child, His love
His truth never changes?
Because He never changes

And so 
We are not the roles we play
We are not the sum of our insufficiencies
We are not our clothes, our friends or the names people call us
Our identity is not our gender, relationship status or how we feel

Our identity is found in the ONE who called us out of the mess, out of the lies, and to Himself
John 15:19 “you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of it.”

Do you know who you are because of who He is?
Because God is forgiving - I am forgiven
Because God is loving - I am loved
Because God is always present - I am never alone
Because God is all powerful - I have power
Because God is creator - I am created, beautiful, on purpose, the only me  
Because God is Father - I belong, I have a family
Because God is all knowing - I am known
Because God is king - I am a warrior
Because God is purposeful - I have purpose
Because God is available - I am heard
Because God is merciful - I have hope
Because God is unchanging- I am content

It's not always easy to be myself.  
Living as your created self on purpose takes courage
But we don't have to do it alone
HE is the chain breaker.  
He is the savior the redeemer.  
He is the hope maker and the freedom giver.

So we can be different.  
Just as HE created us.  
And yet, ALL can find their true identity in HIM.

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