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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hope fleeting
She watches
As her child fades
I'm just a bystander
As her heart
Begins to break
Struggle with reality
Fall apart
I listen
Wipe tears
Hers and
The ones welling up in mine
I titrate drips
Hold hands
Support tired bodies
Push medication
And whisper silent prayers for peace
Yet still he slips
And she looses
It's too heavy to carry
So I lay it down
At the feet of the One who carried it all
Bore the burdens
Endured the pain
Suffered ridicule
Tasted abandonment
And lived
So I can too
It's too heavy
Yet, I rest
Hope is beyond this world
Above my comprehension
And slowly
It's not as heavy
And I continue to whisper
Knowing He hears

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Ordinance #2264-Section126.2

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dear PV Badge #75
Jan.31 we had a moment
Admittedly I argued
And tried to explain
Feeling like an end of the month quota filler
Upon my arrival home
Conviction happened
Back-talking has been the prompt of verse memory at our home
In teaching my children
The Lord taught me
Proverbs 10:8 The wise in heart accept correction, but a chattering fool comes to ruin.
Forgive me for chattering like a fool
Thank you for bringing the issue of distracted driving to my attention
I will not use Siri and drive
I now know to make or receive calls is the only legal use of a mobile device in KS
I plead no contest
And relinquish $60.50 to my local government

For the love of listening to the Spirit, accepting correction, and driving without distraction

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