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Good Enough Mom - An Open Letter To All Moms

Monday, August 11, 2014

This is for the Moms
The one that carries, the one that carried and lost,
The one that's raising, the one that's raised and let go
For the one that adopted and the one that birthed
For the one that's always there
For the one that had to said goodbye
For the under-appreciated, tired, job never done but ever demanding
Hard working, loving Mom.

Thank You

Thank you for the expected
For packing snacks, changing diapers, wiping noses and behinds
For peanutbutter lollipops and PB&J's
For cut up fruit, cups filled up, clean dishes and toilet seats
For loving the second the same as the first
For tying shoes, buying groceries, battling stains and dusting shelves
For losing sleep and listening to make believe
For holding hands and whole bodies
For cold rags to foreheads, 7-up, saltines and making us feel better
For wiping tears and applying un-needed baind-aids

Thank you for the time
For rocking tired bodies to sleep, and watching Sesame Street
For capturing moments on video and snapping photos
For singing songs, and reading stories
For sitting and for waiting
For painting nails, cutting hair, twisting braids, and dying strands
For warming bottles and spooning bites
For being our chauffeur and biggest fan
For trips to the ER, and imaginary ones to the moon
For patience and worrying
For listening and music
For buying us pencils, and back packs and five thousand glue sticks
For helping us learn
And for all the times when you didn't know how to help
For growing us, feeding us, cleaning us, keeping us, catching us and letting us go

Thank you for the example
For putting on a swim suit and swimming
For jumping on the trampoline
For praying and reading and listening
For crying
And being real
And kind
And honest
And imperfect, though I never noticed
Thank you
For building lego sets, blowing up green army men, playing barbies, go-fish, war and monopoly
Thank you
For working
For juggling
For serving
For balancing
For trying

Thank you for the lessons
For wooden spoons and noses stuck in corners
For soapy mouths and boundaries and rules
And curse words
And not cursing
Thank you
For saying no
And knowing when to say yes
Thank you
For loving dad
Respecting him and respecting your parents
Thank you
For letting us fail and loving us the same

Thank you for persevering and for praying
Thank you for the imperfections
Thank you for the praise and forgiveness
Thank you for the raising and the letting go
For the way you love us still
Thank you for coffee dates and shopping trips
For handwritten notes and gas money
For flowers on Valentine's Day and birthday cake
Thank you
For the way you now love the children that make you grand

Because I didn't appreciate you the way you deserved then
In the middle of needing you
Draining you
Demanding of you
The same way they can't appreciate me now

Breathe in these words
Let them saturate your tired body, doubting mind, and weak will
You're loved
You're appreciated
You matter
You are good enough
You are the perfect mom.
Perfect for the ones you have and the for ones you lost,
Perfect for the ones you're yet to have and for the one's you've let go...

For the Love of being a Mom, Having a Mom and growing to understand what this name and this job means,

Linking up with Meredith Bernard @4hisgloryblog
Tackling the real issues #woman2woman

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Kirsten said...

This brought tears to my eyes. You captured the mundane. The exhaustion. The perfection. You even offered it up to those who've lost their little ones. You got it all. Just beautiful.

I stopped in from Meredith's blog. Nice to "meet" you :-)

Meredith Bernard said...

What a beautiful tribute to ALL mom, Jamie!! I love ALL of this. Thank you for linking-up today…hope you will come back. We need your words! xoxo, mb

Jamie Gunn said...

Thank you Kirsten! So glad you stopped by and it's nice to meet you too.

Jamie Gunn said...

Meredith - Thank you for the encouragement and beautiful place to link up together! I'll definetly be back - back to share and back to glean from your wisdom and encouragement!

Anonymous said...

This is a season where I can't hear these words enough. Thank you.

Jamie Gunn said...

I'm right there with ya Andrea! Let's keep going together, tired, but joy filled and pressing on!

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